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L-long time no see?

2015 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me and it still isn’t over – neither the year nor the bad stuff that’s happening BUT enough, I’m going to write about all of it when I feel ready.

Anyway during a casual conversation with thremaki he asked me about my Top 5 Tales Of Characters. Knowing me, it’s really hard to pinpoint my favorite – characters, games whatever! To make things somewhat easier (and more fun) for me, we decided that I’m going to write a Top 5 list of favorite characters for each gender. So here we go!

Top 5 Favorite Tales of Female Characters

      1. Collet Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
      2. Rita Mordio (Tales of Vesperia) I’m sorry you’re only second but COLLET MY ANGEL. PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS.
      3. KyuKyu (QQ) (Tales of Innocence R)
      4. Patty Fleur (Tales of Vesperia)
      5. Meredy (Tales of Eternia)

Okay, the female side wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I had to think for a good while after KyuKyu (why do I have so many favorite male but not female characters orz).

No honorable mentions here D:

Top 5 Favorite Tales of Male Characters

      1. Yuan Ka-Fai (Tales of Symphonia) self-proclaimed husbando of Lyrica since 2012
      2. hooray for the old man Raven (Tales of Vesperia)
      3. Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss)
      4. Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)
      5. Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)

The male side is heavily Symphonia influenced xD
Also I like Kratos and Zelos the same so 4th and 5th are exchangeable.

Honorable mentions:: Mithos (Tales of Symphonia), Alvin (Tales of Xillia), Keele Zeibel (Tales of Eternia)

I see a certain pattern |D It’s either old man, traitor or both.

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