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I’m having too much fun with my biggest OTP ever again. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so alive again (whelp).

Anyway! Fanfiction and newly purchased Doujinshis really pushed the gears in my head and some old and also new headcanons saw the light of the day. What else should I be doing with those ideas than to write them down, right? Right!

Only two topics turn Daigo into a total dork: stones and Haruka.

Because of (1) people close to Daigo (aka his father and Mikuri) immediately know that Haruka is more than just a random trainer/companion. Whenever Daigo speaks of her his eyes shine as brightly as they do when he talks about his precious stone collection.

Daigo usually keeps a certain pokerface. Regular people would never see the dork-y side of his. However, one person certainly knows how to push Daigo’s buttons: his best friend Mikuri.

Mikuri in turn really enjoys his hidden talent (3) and tries to show Daigo’s jealousy side whenever possible (teasing him about Haruka is just too much fun).

When Daigo left for his little soul-searching journey, Haruka gave him exactly one week for his return. When he didn’t come back she dragged him out of his hiding cave with full force and gave him a stern lecture.

After the events of (5) Daigo and Haruka formed a battle duo and weeks will go by before they leave the Battle Maison for a break. This is also the moment when Daigo decides that he in fact never needed a soul-searching journey to begin with.

Being the Champion is neither fun nor a walk in the park, as Haruka has to learn. It was indeed unhealthy and exhausting for the young woman’s free spirit. Therefore Haruka and Mikuri (and sometimes Daigo too) come to an agreement to take turns on being the Champion until a new challenger arrives.

Whenever Daigo needs a break from his work at Devon Corp., he will simply disappear without a notice. This was until a furious (and sickly worried) Haruka knocked him and his Pokémon out. Nowadays he’ll at least leave a note.

When his breaks (8) tend to be too long (e.g. 2 weeks or more without any sign of life) it is up to Haruka to find the missing Daigo and bring him back in one piece. Daigo simply forgets time and Haruka has a hidden talent (or rather biological radar) and always finds him, always.

Despite her behavior, Haruka is actually really afraid of heights. During their flying sessions on Latios/Latios Haruka would hold on Daigo as if her life depends on it. Daigo had a good laugh (and hid his embarrassment very well).

Because of (10) Haruka never bothered to catch any flying Pokémon. This was until she accidentally came across a Bagon.

Haruka still prefers to either surf (Gyarados), teleport (Gardevoir) or simply walk from location to location. Only in emergencies will the girl fly on her Salamence.

Haruka’s Pokémon team consists of

  • Blaziken (male)
  • Gardevoir (female)
  • Gyarados (male)
  • Raichu (male)
  • Aggron (female)
  • Salamence (male)

Haruka’s Blaziken and Gardevoir grow to have feelings for each other.

The Beldum Daigo once gave to Haruka is now their shared Pokémon (and house sitter).

Whenever possible Mikuri teases the couple that their Beldum is a “trial run” until they have a child of their own.

Chores are shared equally between Daigo and Haruka (and will be equally and regularly forgotten too, whops). Neither of them is the perfect housekeeper and both of them are comfortable with it.

Small fights and dissensions are inevitably, however before turning everything in a huge (loud and violent) argument, the couple send out their Pokémon and exhaust themselves with a fierce Pokémon battle. More than often the reason for their disagreement is forgotten.

Daigo is a closet pervert and Haruka wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m not sorry for the last one

Not yet complete!

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