Pokémon 30 Days Challenge … in 1 Day

To be honest I was more in a mood for a “general idol game/anime 30 days challenge thing” but I couldn’t find one orz

So, lets hit up another large fandom of mine, Pokémon!

Day 1: Favorite Pokémon


The “What’s your favorite …” question is never an easy one to answer, especially with the huge amount of Pokémon to choose from. However, Gardevoir holds a really special place in my heart. I feel rather connected to this Pokémon thanks to all my HoennChampionShipping fanfictions. For me, Gardevoir (much like Blaziken) is an integral part of Haruka’s team.

And just look at the PokéDex entries (Source):

This Pokémon will try to protect its Trainer even at the risk of its own life.

You can’t find anything more loyal than this.

Day 2: Least favorite Pokémon

Okay this could be a long list because I’m not fond of that many Pokémon from Gen. IV onwards, so I rather stick to Gen I – III.

Scratch that, this is actually a piece of cake.

I think we can all agree, right?
Fucking Zubat.

Day 3: Favorite starter Pokémon

look at that cute motherfucker

Day 4: Favorite Eeveelution


Out of the original three it’s Vaporeon (it was love at first sight I’m sorry Flareon). Taking all of them in account I have to pick Espeon though uwu

Day 5: Favorite Legendary Pokémon

You expected me to choose just one, huh. Well, you expected wrong!

Mew/Mewtwo, Articuno and Suicune! <3

(for a Fire type lover such as myself I sure love water/ice type legendaries lol)

Also honorable mention to Giratina. As much as Diamond/Pearl/Platinum are my least liked games I sure love this fucker (and Akagi/Cyrus /cough)

Day 6: Most terrifying Pokémon


… d-don’t laugh but I was actually I tiny bit afraid of Hypno when I played Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow as a kid. Good thing I didn’t know about creepypasta back then or else I’d be traumatized? xD

( disclaimer: I’m not afraid anymore and love Pokémon creepypasta in general )

Day 7: Most adorable Pokémon


/cuddles her Alola!Vulpix plush

Day 8: Most amusing Pokémon

Alola!Exeggutor, ’nuff said.

Day 9: Favorite Pokémon type

This Pokémon is on fire.
(It was almost a tie with Psychic. Almost.)

Day 10: Least favorite Pokémon type

I’m not sure if my least favorite type is bug or poison (probably the latter).

Day 11: Favorite new Pokémon from Black (2) & White (2)

I… don’t really have any favorites in this gen? But I guess if I have to pick one it’s Chandelier-kun, ehm, I mean Chandelure.

Day 12: Favorite Pokémon attack or move

That’s kinda difficult but I guess Surf? High attack plus 100% Accuracy is win.

Also there’s this one story when I first used Surf in a double battle (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum when the player teams up with Gen/Riley). Back then I didn’t know it also hits the Pokémon on my side and I accidentally KO’d Gen’s Lucario. I’M SORRY IT WAS BY MISTAKE T_T

Day 13: If you lived in the Pokémon World, what would you be?

Pokémon Trainer <3

(well realistically speaking Poké Fan I guess orz)

Day 14: If you were a Gym Leader, what would be your specialty?

This girl is on fire.

( Only one person will get the picture /shot )

Day 15: Favorite Region in the Pokémon World

Hoenn is where my heart lies.

Day 16: If you could live anywhere in the Pokémon World, where would it be?

As much as I love Hoenn I can see myself living in Celadon City only (probably because I’m a city girl).

Day 17: If you could be any Pokémon, what would you be?

Huh… I honestly never thought about that one. I guess any non-legendary Fire Pokémon? But if I can really pick one I’d like to be Delphox. Fire and Psychic type, a dream come true!

Day 18: Favorite Gym Leader

Mikuri (Wallace)
Denji (Volkner)

I tried. I really tried, but I can’t pick one Gym Leader.

I love Mikuri so much because of his friendship with Daigo (and god do I have many headcanons for Daigo/Mikuri/Haruka friendship. Also throwing in some Yuuki because I can).

As for Denji. Well, I can’t get over the fact that this guy caused multiple blackouts (or brownouts I DON’T CARE) because FUCK THERE WAS NO REAL CHALLENGER SO LETS WORK ON SOME GYM EQUIPMENT BEFORE I CHALLENGE THE ELITE 4 MYSELF.
Give this big guy a hug (and thus yet another Hikari shipping was born).

Day 19: Favorite Elite Four member/Champion

Elite Four: Ooba (Flint)
Champion: Daigo Tsuwabuki (Steven Stone)

As if Daigo wasn’t a given. I had more trouble to find a “favorite Elite 4” though but Ooba pretty much seals the deal (Ooba/Denji friendship feels).

Day 20: Favorite Pokémon Professor

Platane Hakase (Professor Sycamore)

Totally not shipping him with Serena /cough

Day 21: Favorite bad guys

Good old Team Rocket <3

With honorable mention of Team Galactic because Akagi/Cyrus.

Day 22: Favorite Rival

Anime-verse: Shinji
Game-verse: Silver

… damn I’m too much into those bad guys, huh.

Day 23: A Pokémon which reminds you of a friend

Eevee! :3

( I wonder if said friend can guess it’s her )

Day 24: A Pokémon you’d find useful in real-life

Psychic Pokémon in general because they can teleport you from place to place (although you technically have to visit the place you want to teleport once to do so I guess big flying Pokémon would be more useful?)

Day 25: A Pokémon based on your favorite animal

I love Luxray in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum!

Some might think this is an odd choice. I bet you expected Litten but I just can’t warm up to its final evolution.

Day 26: A Pokémon that is your favorite color

Vulpix (red)
Metagross (blue)

Day 27: Favorite Pokémon Game

Pokémon Emerald

This is a close call to the remakes OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, but in the end Emerald takes the cake because

  • you motherfucking fight against two (!) kinda-evil organisations
  • the Delta episode in ORAS is just wrong on so many levels
  • Pokémon Emerald was the reason why I am hooked up with Pokemon again
  • as all 3DS main games so far, ORAS is way too easy to beat. A walk in the park.
  • However one thing the remakes did make better was the interaction/dialogues between characters; the remakes truly brought them to life.

    Day 28: What did you nickname your rival?
    I usually stick to the default names. There was however one time when I nicknamed the rival Yuan (don’t you judge me)

    Day 29: Favorite Pokémon tune or song


    City Theme: Slatport City || Caledon City (also pls check out this version) || Lavandia Town
    Battle Theme: VS Magma/Aqua || VS Rival (Final Battle)
    Route: Route 1 || Route 201 (Day) and basically all of RSE/ORAS Route themes uwu
    Trainer: Encounter! Hiker || Champion Steven
    Misc.: Game Corner || The Sea || Abandoned Ship || STEVEN STONE

    I really do love those upbeat/happy BGMs, don’t I well Lavandia’s theme sure sticks out lol

    Day 30: Most nostalgic element of Pokémon

    MissingNo. and Sunny Town! (wait, it isn’t called Sunny Town in the English version but rather Glitch City? But… but! /mind blown)

    I’m weird and also sorry if I didn’t understand the question correctly orz

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