An update no one asked for, yay~

I am perfectly aware that several nightcore mixes of this song already exist on Youtube, but their versions vary: 2013 ver. and DJ Uto vs. Mysterio Remix are quite popular. However, their pacing was waaaay too fast for my taste and the vocals too chipmunk-ish (talk about the pot calling the kettle black).

Ah, Nightcore. I’m forever in a Love/Hate relationship with this genre. Maybe I’m just unlucky and I stumble upon songs that shouldn’t exist as a Nightcore mix. I mean I’m obviously into electro/Techno/Eurobeat music (gosh I remember my Happy Hardcore phase from ~15 years ago lol), so I should technically kind of like Nightcore, right?

At least I gave it a(nother) try. To be honest, it is fun to randomly nightcore different songs and I ended up with… this? (•⌄•)

This screams for Tales of Nightcore project, huh.

L-long time no see?

2015 has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me and it still isn’t over – neither the year nor the bad stuff that’s happening BUT enough, I’m going to write about all of it when I feel ready.

Anyway during a casual conversation with thremaki he asked me about my Top 5 Tales Of Characters. Knowing me, it’s really hard to pinpoint my favorite – characters, games whatever! To make things somewhat easier (and more fun) for me, we decided that I’m going to write a Top 5 list of favorite characters for each gender. So here we go!