[My Candy Love] Ferris wheel

Title: Ferris wheel
Fandom: My Candy Love
Pairing: Castiel / Candy (named Eadiare)
Words: 485
Completed: 2021/09/12
Summary: Based on the Tumblr-Prompt “I love you [name], but if you try to take me on that ferris wheel, I’m going to absolutely beat your ass.”
Links: AO3 & FF.net

Today has been a good day.

Nay, scratch that. Today has been a fucking fantastic day. It was Sunday (which was always a win) and exams were finally over. Soon summer break was going to hit off and a pop-up theme park arrived in town just in time. After a little bit of persuasion (it wasn’t like Eadiare had to pester Castiel for a whole week, nope, not at all), Castiel begrudgingly agreed to take his girlfriend on a date there. (Honestly, he would have agreed the first time around, but seeing her riled up and think of even more creative ways to win him over was the best entertainment he had in weeks.)

The pop-up park certainly was on the smaller side, but still had just about everything any regular amusement has to offer, only… tackier. A lot. So much in fact, that it took Castiel all but three seconds to question this whole ‘let’s go on a date’-thing.

(“Castiel, NO!”

Oh no, Ed. I never agreed to this.”

But you already said so. Only ten minutes ago you said so. You said so and we do so!”

He recognized the quote (she made him binge-watch some British TV show recently) and raised his eyebrows. “Finally gone mental, huh?”

The friendly smack on the back of his head agreed with him.)

So yeah, tackiness aside, the roller-coaster ride was simply wicked (Eadiare’s words, not his) and after three rounds Castiel had to physically drag his girlfriend away. (He was pretty sure the attendant wasn’t going to let them on the roller-coaster anymore for the day.) (Not that Castiel wasn’t able to sneak them past this guy.) (But emptying his stomach was not an item on his to-do list for today.) (Or like, ever.)

Next on the list was the haunted house, which was pretty underwhelming, to say the least (to no one’s surprise, really), but the shooting stand on the other hand was a blast, even if none of them won any prizes.

After emptying their overpriced soda cans, the couple idled around and were on the lookout for a new attraction to try out, when Ed suddenly yanked Castiel’s arm and pointed to their right. Her body was vibrating, holding back laughter because of course, she found the most clichéd of all clichéd attractions any amusement park had to offer. Its painting (bright red and white) paired with the fecking hearts everywhere basically screamed kitsch (and not the good kind).

I love you Ed, but if you try to take me on that Ferris wheel, I’m going to absolutely beat your ass.”

Ed snorted rather ungracefully, “Wow, and they say romance is dead.”

Castiel rolled his eyes and playfully bumped his shoulder into Ed’s. They didn’t end up on the Ferris wheel, but this didn’t stop Eadiare from absolutely beating Castiel’s miserable ass on the go-cart track.

(She was not sorry at all.)

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