[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] admit defeat

Titel: admit defeat
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 378
Completed: 2019/02/24

Kiriya sighed in defeat. Getting his plans crushed again and again sure took its toll on the coroner.

The time when he made a reservation in one of these fancy restaurants? Emergencies didn’t care about such details, much less when they happen right in front of the pair. Things turned hectic on side of the accident as well as back at the hospital. They never set foot in said restaurant this evening.

Or that one time when Kiriya went out of his way and decided on a late afternoon lunch/picknick despite their packed schedule? Yeah, Mother Nature was not on his side and rain continued to fall until the day after tomorrow. Needless to say, neither of them was in the mood for any outdoor activities in the rain.

With everything said and done, Kiriya threw all future date plans out of the window and decided on a cozy evening at home; just him, Emu and a bottle of whatever their little home has to offer. And honestly speaking, things went better than he could have hoped for.

What began as little pecks here and there soon turned into a steamy make-out session. Whatever pent up frustration Kiriya felt the past few days was forgotten. For now, all he could think of were Emu’s lips and the cute, little moans, which escaped them every once in a while.

“E…mu…” His raspy voice was barely able to call out for his lover. His body was burning up with growing desire for the other man and soon Kiriya wouldn’t be able to hold himself back.

The wakeup call followed sooner than expected, though.

Emu’s body slumped in Kiriya’s arms, the regular up and down of the younger man’s chest was the sole indicator of movement. The older man’s brain needed a few seconds to process what just had happened.

“You can’t be serious.”

Kiriya let out another sigh, however, the smile on his lips betrayed whatever annoyance he wanted to feign. He wrapped his arm around Emu and nudged his lover a little bit closer. Their shared body heat was their only source of warmth and Kiriya was keenly aware he was going to need a blanket sooner or later, but for now, this wasn’t so bad after all.

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