[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] change of attire

Titel: change of attire
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 440
Completed: 2019/03/18

The clock on the wall distinctly caught Kiriya’s attention as he grabbed for his pants, which have been carelessly thrown on the floor not too long ago. What started as innocent as flirting during one of their breaks soon took a drastic turn. Luckily for both of them, the hospital offered a ridiculous amount of unused storage rooms, all in case of emergencies of course.

“Nah, shouldn’t you hurry to the meeting?” Kiriya asked nonchalantly as if he couldn’t be bothered to be part of the reason why his partner was late in the first place. The realization hit Emu and he frantically looked for whatever he assumed were his clothes, silently cursing to himself while doing so. The fact that soon footsteps echoed from down the hall didn’t help the matter in the slightest. In one last attempt to gloss things over Emu throw his white coat around his shoulders and rushed out of the door, practically running into Hiiro’s arms.

“Ehm, Hiiro-san, I—”

“No, thank you.” The surgeon had seen more than enough in a short space of time to not only put one and one together but also judge the man in front of him. And Emu was judged all right; a cold shudder went down the pediatrician’s spine and without another word to spare Hiiro turned around, leaving behind an utterly confused Emu.

“Nah, Emu.” Kiriya stepped out of the room, a wide smirk on his face, which Emu could particularly hear. “You could have just told me you like them so much. I’ll take you shopping anytime, y’know?”

What in the world are you talking about, Emu wanted to ask, however, words never left his mouth. There he was, his boyfriend, standing right beside him and wearing an all too familiar, deep blue t-shirt featuring Pac-Man and the various ghosts of said game.

“Kir—Why—You—why haven’t you told me—?!?”

Emu’s face turned an unnatural shade of red, very much to Kiriya’s amusement.

“You’re wearing it damn well, I’m almost jealous Emu!” Laughing, the coroner patted his lover’s shoulder a few times, mischievousness written all over his face. In his mind, Emu swore to whatever higher power in existence that he would at one point punch that smirk out of Kiriya’s face (again).

“Hey, my shirt!?” Emu shouted after his boyfriend, who already made his way to the elevator.

“See you later in the evening, Emu!”

And that was the day Emu was forced to wear Kiriya’s very colorful and very flowery-themed shirt to work, which also included a meeting with the director of all things.

Emu was not thrilled at all.

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