[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] Secret Santa

Titel: Secret Santa
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 428
Completed: 2019/05/02

“Okay, whose idea was this and more importantly: whyyyy??

It was once again the time of the year and the members of the CR held its very own and small Christmas party (Poppy had insisted years ago after the whole Chronicle ordeal was over and it became a tradition since then). Things certainly got livelier with each year and this time was no different. Even Nico, who stayed in Japan over the holidays, decided to tag along and dragged a slightly annoyed Taiga with her.

Center of attention and the person raising the question was a certain coroner and the (in his eyes) questionable present he received anonymously: a simple single-colored t-shirt with the imprint Trust me, I’m a liar in huge, bold letters on the front.

Nico was the first one to burst out laughing. Taiga snorted and turned his back to everyone else so no one could catch a glimpse of his face. Hiiro mimicked him and turned around too, shoulders visibly shaking.

“Guys, this is not funny??”

Nico wanted to argue Yes, yes it is funny. Hilarious even but was too busy catching her breath and trying her best not to die of laughter. Poppy attempted to calm her down but found herself joining in instead.

“Jeez, you are the worst, all of you.” Kiriya slumped dramatically on the table, his ego visibly shaken. Unbeknownst to him, Emu had dragged Parado to the sidelines, facing him with a stern expression. “Parado.”

“What? You found it first. And I clearly remember someone having the same reaction as her.” Parado nonchalantly pointed to Nico. The memory of their last shopping trip was still vividly in his mind, including an overly excitedly Emu proclaiming this is the best gift ever and how he wished to see Kiriya in it. The facts left Emu in no position to defend himself (plus he had to admit Kiriya’s reaction was hilarious).

Emu sighed. “Just… well, just don’t tell him that it was originally my idea. His pride already took a huge enough blow today.”

“Oh?” Parado chuckled. “You think he’s ever going to wear it?”

“Over his dead body.” Emu groaned; the realization hit him too late. “I did not just say that, did I?”

“He’ll get over it.” Parado patted Emu’s shoulder. “He’s a grown-up man, he can handle that much.”

Oh, you have no idea. Emu kept his thoughts to himself, not daring to destroy the last remaining bit of his boyfriend’s ego.

Well, it was nothing a few cuddles and a cup of his favorite coffee won’t fix.

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