[My Candy Love] Name

Title: Name
Fandom: My Candy Love
Pairing: Castiel / Candy (named Eadiare)
Words: 220
Completed: 2021/08/16
Summary: Ed tells the story about how ‘Eadiare’ wasn’t supposed to be her name.
Links: AO3 & FF.net

Studying together with her boyfriend was not Ed’s first choice for a date, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
And the upcoming finals were very, very desperate times.

“Hey” she nudged Castiel. It was clearly time for a break. “Did I ever tell you that my name wasn’t supposed to be Eadiare?”
“What, your parents actually had a normal and decent name in mind for you?”
“Jerk.” She huffed without any malice in her voice. “My mother wanted to name me Radiare. At least that’s what the paper said that she left behind with me.”
“Not really an upgrade.”
“Hah.” Ed chuckled. Maybe it wasn’t an upgrade, but at the very least her original name had a meaning to it.
“So what happened?” asked Castiel.
“Shit happened.” Ed shrugged. “The clerk couldn’t read my uncle’s handwriting and he didn’t give two flying fucks about it. By the time everything was done and I was dumped on my Gran’s doorsteps, it was already too late to change my name.”
“…” Castiel put the pen down and glanced at the girl beside him. He knew about the fucked up history Eadiare had to endure, but it wasn’t every day that she was able to talk that casually about it.
“You know,” he said, “I think I like Eadiare best.”

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