[Kamen Rider] The Chatfic no-one asked for #3

Title: The Kamen Rider Chatfic no-one asked for #3
Fandom: Kamen Rider
Completed: ~2019

  • DanceWithMe: Eadiare (OC)
  • RunningWild: Narumi Akiko
  • Halfboiled: Hidari Shoutarou
  • NowLoading: Philip
  • AngryBird: Ankh
  • AshitaNoPantsu: Hino Eiji
  • CyberNico: Saiba Nico
  • GameMaster2k: Houjou Emu

(2.31 pm)

Halfboiled: hey @CyberNico we need your help
CyberNico: it’s 1 am in the morning for me
CyberNico: you better have a good reason
Halfboiled: you weren’t even asleep in the first place
NowLoading: Ed is sick
CyberNico: WHAT
NowLoading: but she refuses to see a doctor
Halfboiled: she’s running a pretty high fever
Halfboiled: any idea who to call?
Halfboiled: you mentioned some doctor friends
CyberNico: try Emu or Taiga at Seito University Hospital
CyberNico: prolly Emu
CyberNico: I guess she’s more comfortable around him
Halfboiled: Thanks!
CyberNico: wait I’ll give you his number
NowLoading: no need
NowLoading: Houjou Emu, 25 years old, pediatrician and former surgical intern at Seito University Hospital, right?
CyberNico: that’s… right
CyberNico: Ed wasn’t kidding, you mean business
CyberNico: anyway please keep me updated!
Halfboiled: will do

(4.19 pm)

Halfboiled: ok guys
Halfboiled: Emu checked her and Eiji’s out buying the medicine
Halfboiled: something about ‘out of season flu’
Halfboiled: she should be better in a few days
CyberNico: thank goodness
RunningWild: good
RunningWild: btw Ankh is A MESS
RunningWild: holy shit
Halfboiled: yeah
AshitaNoPantsu: he’s worried
AshitaNoPantsu: and blaming himself I guess
AshitaNoPantsu: possibly both
Halfboiled: got everything Eiji?
AshitaNoPantsu: yeah, I’m already on my way back
RunningWild: but why blaming himself?
AshitaNoPantsu: remember the incident a few days ago? When he took her phone?
AshitaNoPantsu: they never really made up after this
Halfboiled: so he regrets his behavior
AshitaNoPantsu: I guess
AshitaNoPantsu: honestly I’ve never seen him like tis
AshitaNoPantsu: it’s…kinda adorable
AshitaNoPantsu: like a beaten puppy
CyberNico: I’m
NowLoading: they share an interesting relationship
Halfboiled: yep

(9.21 pm)

> Halfboiled added GameMaster2k to ‘Fuuto PI’
Halfboiled: hey Emu
Halfboiled: thanks again for your help
Halfboiled: also sorry
GameMaster2k: it’s ok
GameMaster2k: is what I want to say lol
CyberNico: what happened?
GameMaster2k: remember when you told me Ed isn’t strong but her agility is like crazy?
CyberNico: yeah?
GameMaster2k: guess she gets a crazy strength buff when she’s sick
GameMaster2k: or luck buff
GameMaster2k: maybe both
> NowLoading shares ‘behindblueeye.jpg’
NowLoading: definitive both
CyberNico: ouch
GameMaster2k: chances are she doesn’t even remember anything
GameMaster2k: her fever was crazy high
GameMaster2k: how is her temperature now?
Halfboiled: a bit lower than before
GameMaster2k: ok
GameMaster2k: if her temperature doesn’t significantly decrease until tomorrow afternoon let me know
GameMaster2k: it’s important she takes her medicine and drinks a lot

(11:54 pm)

DanceWithMe: livin la vida loca \o/
GameMaster2k: you’re too young for this
GameMaster2k: also shouldn’t you stay in bed?!?
DanceWithMe: I am in bed
DanceWithMe: and ur the last one I want to hear that
DanceWithMe: not when ur still listening to the backstreet boys
GameMaster2k: HOW
DanceWithMe: nico told me
GameMaster2k: I’m disappointed @CyberNico
CyberNico: hurt?
GameMaster2k: wounded even
CyberNico: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DanceWithMe: get lost with ur game references
DanceWithMe: or was it the movie this time?
GameMaster2k: could anyone pls get their shit together and watch her @Halfboiled @NowLoading
DanceWithMe: eh im pretty sure theyre already asleep
GameMaster2k: for the love of
GameMaster2k: GO TO SLEEP
DanceWithMe: but im fine?
GameMaster2k: you are NOT
GameMaster2k: last time I checked you hade over 39C fever
DanceWithMe: when—?
DanceWithMe: wait
DanceWithMe: y are you here??
GameMaster2k: doesn’t matter
DanceWithMe: YES IT DOES

‘GameMaster2k’ to ‘Halfboiled’

GameMaster2k: Shoutarou-san, you’ve got a patient on the loose
Halfboiled: already on it
Halfboiled: well, our watchbird is
GameMaster2k: o…kay
GameMaster2k: I know I promised Nico-chan not to ask any questions
GameMaster2k: but… Ed is still a minor
GameMaster2k: and not registered through the National Health Insurance System
GameMaster2k: or any insurance tbh
Halfboiled: ah
Halfboiled: I see why you are concerned
Halfboiled: it’s… a little complicated
Halfboiled: Philip and I are currently looking for any relatives of hers
NowLoading: honestly, it’s a lot harder than I expected
GameMaster2k: ??
Halfboiled: don’t mind him
Halfboiled: he’s always crashing my conversations
GameMaster2k: alright
GameMaster2k: if there’s anything we at CR can help you guys with, let me know
Halfboiled: thanks

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