[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] re: offer a shoulder to cry on

Titel: re: offer a shoulder to cry on
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 517
Completed: 2019/03/26

“Hey Poppy, have you seen Kiriya-san around?” Emu was holding a stack of papers in his hands; he had been sent on an errand by the said person he couldn’t find a single trace of right now.

“Kiriya? I’m pretty sure he left about an hour ago.”

Huh, so shortly after he had asked Emu for this small favor, which resulted in a little scavenger hunt and if he’d been completely honest, it had taken much longer than it should have. Figures, if this was a set-up by the one and only Kujou Kiriya.

Seriously, where could he have gone?

Emu should have extended the no lies policy to no secrets as well. He took a mental note for later. As the saying goes: better late than never.

The wall planner caught the pediatrician’s attention; only a couple of weeks were left until yet another anniversary of Zero Day occurred.

Zero Day, huh…?

Something struck Emu as odd. If he recalled correctly a similar incident had happened almost one year ago. No, it definitely happened. Everyone in CR had grilled him where the coroner had vanished to and why he couldn’t keep his boyfriend on a tighter leash.

As if I could forget something as embarrassing as that.

“Emu?” Poppy asked, confused about the ongoing silence.

“I’ll wait for him. He has to come back at some point.” Emu decided since he knew for a fact that the coroner had to cover a double shift today and Emu wouldn’t be able to see him before tomorrow afternoon otherwise.

If it’s really related to Zero Day, then he must be at the cemetery.

They had talked about the incident only briefly in the past. Honestly, life had kept them busier than they wished for and the topic was never brought up again. Mostly because a certain someone was also pretty skilled at keeping things to himself, though.

Guess I’ll be the one doing the ‘grilling’ this time. But before that—

“Oh, Emu? You’re still here?”

“Kiriya-san?” Emu was caught by surprise; he didn’t hear a single sound nor footstep coming.

“Haha, missed me that much already?” Kiriya joked. The stunned look on Emu’s face actually reminded him of a lone puppy waiting for its owner.

It took Emu every ounce of self-restraint not to pout and counter with shut up, idiot. There was something else he had to say first, something very important: “Welcome back, Kiriya-san.” Emu closed the distance between them, fondly embracing his lover. “You did great.”

“Hey, what’s gotten into you now?” Kiriya tried his usual spiel, laughing things off to avoid the bullet, but Emu was having none of that today.

“Next time please talk to me. You don’t have to walk alone anymore, remember?”

“Always the little sap, aren’t you?” It was vague, but Emu could hear faint shaking in his lover’s voice.

“I’m serious, Kiriya-san.” He reassured his boyfriend, silently praying the message finally got across and through that thick skull of his.

“Yeah, I know.” Kiriya sighed, smiling bashfully as he finally returned Emu’s embrace. “Thanks, Emu. I mean it.”


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