[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] enjoy a lazy Sunday morning

Titel: enjoy a lazy Sunday morning
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 431
Completed: 2019/03/25

Sometimes life could be kind and granted the two busybodies a slow and lazy Sunday morning. Sleeping in without a care in the world, eating breakfast when it was actually time for lunch and sharing a cup of coffee while reminiscing old times.

In retrospect Kiriya really should have known better than to let the topic slide in this direction.

Also, he really should have kept that big mouth of his shut, because pointing out how naïve and gullible Emu had been was a landmine the coroner stepped on all by himself.

“Oh, you mean—” Emu coughed dramatically and looked directly at Kiriya; he wasn’t even trying to hide his mischievous smile and did his best impersonation he could muster of his boyfriend: “Like it was my fault that I got tricked?”

“Urgh, you still remember that?!” Who would have guessed Emu was one to hold a grudge, much less remember such fine and completely irrelevant details from the past. You really couldn’t judge a book by its cover nor trust a cute and innocent face when you saw one.

Absolutely no more lies from me today, huh?”

“Emu—!” Kiriya grabbed the nearest pillow and playfully smacked his boyfriend on the head. Someone clearly was enjoying himself a tad bit too much on the coroner’s account.

“I really should have punched you harder when I had the chance, huh?” Emu continued between giggles. Okay now someone was just testing his limits.

“You’re even bringing this up?”

“Excuse me? I should be glad I still have all of my teeth after that kick of yours.”

“Okay that’s it.” Before Emu even had the slightest chance to react Kiriya pushed him down on the sofa and positioned himself on top of him. Using the weight of his own body he made sure Emu could no longer escape.

“Kiriya-san?” Emu knew exactly what was coming and didn’t like it at all.

“You’ve been asking for it, Emu.” Smiling as if he was the devil himself Kiriya’s hands traveled across his partner’s body until they reached their destination and engaging their merciless assault on Emu’s sides. He was especially ticklish near the belly and Kiriya took full advantage of his knowledge.

“Okay, stop! Stop it, please!!”

“What’s the magic word?” Kiriya teased while he put his attack on hold, fingers ready to continue at any time.

“Dinner’s on me?” Emu pleaded in vain as Kiriya’s hands began to reach for his ticklish parts once more. “Plus dessert! I’ll include dessert! Kiriya-san, please!!”


He’d be a fool to turn down Emu’s home cooking.

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