[EverdayTale] “Easiest Enemy”

Titel: Easiest Enemy
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Sans, Chara & Frisk
Word count: 435
Finished: 13th November 2017

Beware of the day Chara became proud of Frisk.
And the reason Sans stopped telling knock-knock jokes.

1 HP, 1 DEF
The easiest enemy, can only deal 1 damage.


“okay kiddo, here’s another one: knock-knock.”

Chara growled for the n-th time this evening. It was one thing that both of her parents had to attend “official business”, but honestly, did they really had to choose the comedian as their babysitter? What real danger was out there that Chara couldn’t handle with her trusted knife? Right, that smiling trash bag was the only danger out there.

“Really, another knock-knock joke?” Chara was more than ready to flip a table or two in that bastard’s smiling face.

“what can i say, the kid here loves them.” And this, dear audience, was another reason for Chara’s I am perfectly fine, just about to stab someone with my knife, but thank you very much for asking mood.

“Frisk… I mean it: really?!”

“But… they are just so funny!” She was genuinely honest and sincere down to the bone (“Oh damn that comedian for rubbing off on me.”), it almost hurt.

“Just… forget it.” Chara gave up. There was no chance in hell she could win against the two of them. “Please, go on. Don’t mind me.” But for the sake of love, just kill me now.

“suit yourself, brat. anyway, knock-knock.”

“Come in!” Frisk was smiling as innocent as ever. Seconds went by as she (and Chara who, despite her best efforts, listened in nonetheless) waited for an answer.





But nothing came.

Sans was caught off-guard and for once bested at his own game.

“I beat Sans, I beat Sans!” Frisk jumped up and down, throwing her tiny hands in the air. She was truly happy about her first victory against such a formidable opponent as Sans.

Scorn and shame tickled the skeleton’s mind. Not because the kid landed a hit on him, oh no. The real reason lied somewhere else, literally, and right beside him on the floor. Well, more like rolling on the floor. The maniac brat kept on laughing and laughing and laughing, even the tears in her eyes couldn’t stop the endless laughter. “This… this is priceless!” Chara somehow managed to say, “The comedian, defeated! I—I can’t, this is too good!!”

It would have been all too easy to smash the little brat in the nearest wall, preferable blasting a hole through their boy with one of his Blasters on the way, but the “explaining-to-Tori” part wasn’t worth the effort.

Still, one question remained on Sans mind: Who the fuck answers a knock-knock joke with “Come in”?!

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