[EverdayTale] “Divided”

Titel: Divided
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Frisk, Chara
Word count: 419
Finished: 1st January 2018

First work of 2018, yay~ simply ignores all the stuff she began and kinda finished in 2017 and posts more recent stuff

If looks could kill, Frisk would be dead where she stand.

“Frisk, you—!!!”

She could pretty much guess what Chara got in store for her. Really, it wasn’t that hard, especially since the latter emitted a murderous aura.

“—-goddamn idiot!! You stupid, foolish, naive, reckless, ignorant idiot of a wanna-be goody two-shoes!”

Heh, that was a new one. Gotta hand it to Chara to come up with new insults on every occasion.
“You said ‘idiot’ twice.” A tired smile could be seen on Frisk’s face. Ah, the exhaustion was finally kicking in. All she wanted to do right now was sleep and let the others take care of whatever needed to be done now that the barrier was destroyed.

And hey, at least she didn’t die trying this time, right?

Wait, this time? Had she ever tried something like this before? Frisk couldn’t remember, but then again her memory had been messed up since she woke up in the Underground anyway.


Chara stomp her foot on the ground out of frustration. Yes, her foot was actually touching the ground right now. She was no longer the ghost-like being she had been up until now. It was no less than thanks to the half of a soul now residing inside Chara. Said soul combined with what was left of her determination (no, Chara was convinced Frisk’s determination was at work too) created the miracle that was now her new physical body.

Chara’s eyes moved to Frisk, who was ready to fell asleep at any given moment. Her eyes scanned for Frisk’s soul, which was reduced to less than half of what it originally was.

(Why did she keep the smaller half for herself?!)

Chara felt frustrated and angry at herself at the same time.

“I hate you. I really, really, really hate you!”

“It’s alright, Chara.” Arms stretched out and pulled Chara in a tight embrace. Her vision began to grow blurry. What… what was happening?

“I’m glad you are still alive. Oh, wait.” Frisk wondered for a second: “Or is it ‘alive again’?”

Somehow Chara’s cheeks turned moist. But how? It wasn’t raining now, was it?


It was only then that Chara realized she had in fact been crying. Between her sobs and the unstoppable tears the girl managed to repeat the lines ‘You idiot’ and ‘I really hate you’ over and over again.

Frisk had never felt such relief over a saved soul before.

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