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[Undertale] nightmares

Titel: nightmare
Fandom: Undertale
Pairing: Sans / Frisk
Words: 308
Completed: 2017/10/18
Misc: Something was very wrong with him and if Crowley had paid just a little bit of attention, he would have noticed yet another change about himself. Sadly, his single brain cell was only able to process one train of thought at a time and right now Crowley’s mind was deep down in panic mode.

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[EverdayTale] “No Blasters in the Living Room!”

Titel: No Blasters in the Living Room!
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Chara, Sans, Papyrus, Frisk
Word count: 202
Finished: 27th November 2017

Oh please kick him in his non-existent skeleton ass for me, Chara.
I just finished Genocide route and that fucker killed me 58 times OKAY

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