[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] royally screw up

Titel: royally screw up
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 603
Completed: 2019/03/22

The moment Kujou Kiriya woke up in a hospital room attached to an IV-infusion and cardiac monitor, he knew he had completely and royally fucked up. And in hindsight, the recovery of his injuries had been a piece of cake compared to the aftermath he had to deal with a certain someone.

On the first day, Kiriya accepted his fate. Emu had every right to be mad at him, hands down, and the silent treatment was more than an acceptable punishment. Heck, Kiriya could count himself lucky if that was all he had to take.

On the second day, Kiriya tried to (slowly) smooth things between them with every single method he could think of to break the ice, but the walls Emu had built around himself were sturdier than he anticipated.

On the third day, Kiriya was taken by surprise when Emu suddenly confronted him out of nowhere: “Do you understand why I’m mad, Kiriya-san?”

Of course, Kiriya understood. At least he thought he understood. However, he was perfectly aware just how much he had hurt Emu with his reckless behavior, not only in the light of recent events but over the past couple of years. Despite all of this, Kiriya was not able to deliver an answer. He knew what he wanted to say, had to say, but the words were stuck in his throat. If he could, Kiriya would have laughed bitterly at himself. The truth was hard to admit, yes, but saying it out loud was even harder.

Seconds ticked by, turning into minutes. The silence aggravated Emu, more so than any of Kiriya’s stupid “laughing-it-off” responses could possibly have.

That was it.

That was the final straw.

Emu grabbed Kiriya by the collar and shoved him against the wall. In any other given situation, Kiriya would have gladly welcomed such aggressive behavior from his boyfriend, but right now he was utterly and wholly floored.

“I’ve had it with you.”


“Marry me, Kiriya.”



Why, of course.

Wait. What.

Kiriya’s brain cells gave up their remaining will to function properly. His mind, frozen in fear, was still focused on the I’ve had it part. Honestly, his inner demon had already prepared him for the worst. Not exactly prepared prepared, but at least he wouldn’t have been taken by surprise if the big and dramatic breakup had happened right here and now. Never in a million years however had he reckoned to hear these words.


Talk about lame, but Kiriya’s brain was still in complete shutdown mode. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t tell how much time had passed until he was actually able to process the situation he had found himself in. At some point or another Emu had loosened his grip on him, arms were instead wrapped around the coroner in a tight embrace. Emu might have tried to hide it, but Kiriya noticed the ever so slight trembling of his lover.

Despite everything you still accept me for who I am?

“Thank you, Emu.”

He had been wrong the whole time. Not entirely wrong per se, but wrong enough for Emu to finally blow up and to be forced to take drastic action in his own hands. Kiriya really had a special talent to push the buttons just right enough to get Emu royally mad at him, hadn’t he?

Equals, huh? Had it always been as easy as that?

“I’m really an idiot, aren’t I?”

“You finally noticed? Shesh, took you long enough Kiriya.”

“Oh shut it.” The older one mumbled, secretly relieved Emu wasn’t able to see his embarrassed expression.

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