[EverdayTale] “Christmas Shenanigans”

Titel: Christmas Shenanigans
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Chara, Asgore
Word count: 357
Finished: 28th November 2017
Warnings: I just want to stay on the safe side. I mean, someone is ALWAYS going to feel offended and I most certainly can’t please everyone, so I leave this here just for the record: Mildly mention of Frans, no Soriel bashing intended and please don’t crucify me for my humor in the first paragraph (whoops I did it again lol)

Surprise Update! \o/



Ah, Christmas season. When everyone was going nuts to buy the perfect (and possible most expensive) gift, most likely last minute too. Let’s not forget all the grocery shopping and those freaking Christmas carols everywhere. Whoever invented Christmas deserved to get hanged, or yet better: crucified.
… Wait a second.
“Haha… that’s kinda inappropriate.” Chara giggled and sipped at her hot chocolate. Unlike Frisk, who was excited and pumped up for the festivity, she preferred to stay away from anything Christmas related and rather spent the holidays lazily in her room or the (still abandoned) kitchen, which offered an almost infinite supply of hot drinks.

The door opened and Asgore entered the dining room, wearing a defeated expression on his face. “Banned from the living room again?” Chara asked. She hid her smirk behind the mug.
“…Yes.” Asgore hung his head in shame. Toriel was furious when he broke yet another Christmas tree ball (by accident, of course).
“Well, mum at least took enough pity and invited you despite what happened last year.”
“Urgh.” A critical hit. Asgore wasn’t allowed anywhere near the kitchen since last Christmas. Maybe this was going to change in the future when the house was finally 100% fire- (and fool-) proofed.
“You really should get your shit together or that comedian will take mum away from you.”
“?!” Asgore’s expression changed to one of pure horror. Toriel sent enough mixed signals as it was, being hot and cold at the same time and playing hard to get, but now he had to face competition too?
“Just kidding, he’s actually into Frisk.”
“Child, please.” Asgore took a deep breath. “You almost scared me to death—wait, what?!” A different kind of horror could be seen on Asgore’s face; the overprotective father kind of horror. “SANS!

It took Chara every ounce of self-control to not burst out laughing. She could have sworn she heard Flowey snicker in the background, though.

This is gonna be good. Please be in trouble. Oh, let him be in deep trouble.

This year’s Christmas might actually be pretty enjoyable for once.

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