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[EverdayTale] “Christmas Shenanigans”

Titel: Christmas Shenanigans
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Chara, Asgore
Word count: 357
Finished: 28th November 2017
Warnings: I just want to stay on the safe side. I mean, someone is ALWAYS going to feel offended and I most certainly can’t please everyone, so I leave this here just for the record: Mildly mention of Frans, no Soriel bashing intended and please don’t crucify me for my humor in the first paragraph (whoops I did it again lol)

Surprise Update! \o/



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[EverdayTale] “The Lone Politician”

Titel: The Lone Politician
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Asgore
Word count: 378
Finished: 18th December 2017

Welp I spontaneously changed the order of updates because I actually really like how the drabble turned out. It was a nice change of pace compared to all the dialogue-driven work I’ve written so far (also a nice change of pace because so much Chara I just really love her okay ww)

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[EverdayTale] “Forgiveness & Apology”

Titel: Forgiveness & Apology
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Chara, Toriel, Asgore & Flowey
Word count: 223
Finished: 4th November 2017

I really, really, really don’t feel confident about this one, mostly because I know I haven’t completed the game yet (and probably never 100% complete it because I can’t do a Genocide run, nope nada FORGET IT). I know I’m lacking first-hand experience and I am perfectly aware that I might portray Chara “too nice” in my work (she’s still a little knife loving, humanity despising maniac OKAY hey don’t we all hate humans at one point or another #EveryoneHasACharaInsideThem). So… please be gentle with me?

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