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EverdayTale (Undertale AU)

An “AU” created as an excuse to write fun and possible cute drabbles (or oneshots) set post-game on the surface. May turn into something bigger, I’m not sure yet.

Key points so far

  • one genocide run confirmed
  • clumsy Frisk is clumsy and many, many reload/resets happened

Possible warnings, I guess?

  • hints for Frans (Sans x Frisk) shipping
  • both Frisk and Chara are female in this AU

You are welcome to use these drabbles for comics, fanarts, dubs and so on. No need to ask for permission, I only wish for you to include a link back to this page in the credits and everyone is happy!


During the Game/Flashbacks of events during the game
Events happening IMMEDIATELY after the game (Frisk/Chara are (physically) 10 years old)
Early Post-Game: Frisk/Chara are (physically) 10-14 years old (Middle School)
Teen Era: Frisk/Chara are between (physically) 14-18 years old (High School)
Adult Era: Frisk/Chara are (physically) 18+ years old

# Tags Title Main Character(s) Finishing date Download
#01 Kill? Frisk, ??? 2017/12/04 PDF
#02 The last Strike Chara, Sans 2017/12/09 PDF
#03 Deal with the Joker 2017/12/04 PDF
#04 a special kind Frisk, Chara 2017/12/03 PDF
#05 Divided Frisk, Chara 2018/01/01 PDF
#06 Forgiveness & Apology Chara, Flowey 2017/11/04 PDF
#07 The Lone Politician Asgore 2017/12/18 PDF
#08 Bad Influence Papyrus, Frisk, Sans 2017/10/30 PDF
#09 Her role Chara, Frisk 2017/11/04 PDF
#10 Easiest Enemy Sans, Chara, Frisk 2017/11/13 PDF
#11 Christmas Shenanigans Chara, Asgore 2017/11/28 PDF
#12 a week’s worth of chocolate Frisk, Mettaton, Chara 2017/12/19 PDF
#13 No Blasters in the Living Room! Chara, Sans 2017/11/27 PDF
#14 Weird Taste 2017/11/19 PDF


Please remember these FAQs only cover my AU “EverdayTale” and should not be taken as canon information for Undertale!

Why the name EverdayTale?

Hah. Hahaha. I’m laughing at my own mistake here.

I was really motivated and wanted to come up with a name for this project quickly (I didn’t dare to call it “AU” back then). As ever, I was late to the party and most names I thought of were already in use some way or another. I didn’t ask for anything grand because all I wanted to write was “cute, fun and every day stuff”.

Yep. There you have it. This AU was originally intended to be called “EverydayTale” but take a guess who’s an idiot and an utterly failure. I mean

I even named the folder on my hard drive/Dropbox EverydayTale and then I GOT THE NAME WRONG ON EVERY OTHER INSTANCE.
Worldpress pages/posts? EverdayTale.
Finalized PDF documents? EverdayTale.

I noticed the mistake when I uploaded Easiest Enemy aka 2-3 weeks (!) later. Welp, already too late. I was not in the mood to change it anymore.

Why did you add 'physically' to Frisk's/Chara's age?

Chara died a few days before her 12th birthday. Years later, when Frisk fell down, Chara was “reawakened” because of Frisk’s determination (and thus is linked to Frisk). I can’t and won’t say how many years this gap filled, but Chara slept through it and is (mentally) still almost 12 years old. At the end of the “games event”, Chara will acquire a new physical body, which is the same age as Frisk’s body. Thus Chara’s physical age is 10 (again), but mentally she’s 12 years old.

When you refer to 'during the game' and 'flashbacks of events during the game' in your timetable, do you actually mean Undertale?

No. The events “during the game” in EverdayTale are at some point different than in Undertale. It’s just a description to give you a feeling for time and chronic order.