[Kimetsu no Yaiba] 50 Ways into your Heart

Title: 50 Ways into your Heart
Fandom: Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer
Pairing: Rengoku Kyoujuro / Kamado Tanjirou
Words: 1.434
Completed: 2023/04/15
Summary: A love story told in 50 (or more) sentences.
Links: AO3 & FF.net

#01 Apology
“You disrespected my order.” Tanjirou flinched at the angry and raw tone of the Hashira but told himself to stand strong, to meet the glare of his hopefully still soon-to-be-mentor head-on because no matter what, he would never apologize for saving Rengoku-san’s life.

#02 Pile
Rengoku laughed wholeheartedly at the look of utter horror on Tanjirou’s face once the boy saw the pile of paperwork not even a Hashira could escape from.

#03 Loss
Losing half of his eyesight was a small price to pay if it meant he was able to protect the boy on that fateful day. 

#04 Skip
Zenitsu could practically hear Tanjirou’s heart skip a beat each time Rengoku’s hand as much as brushed him.

#05 Objectively
“Well, objectively speaking Rengoku-san is-” – “Oh no no no , nothing is just ‘objectively speaking’ for you when it comes to Rengoku-san.” 

#06 Whisper
“You really have no idea what you are doing to me, do you, my boy?” Kyoujurou whispered and placed a soft kiss on the forehead of the sleeping boy.

#07 Impress
The blond clicked his tongue as the Flame Hashira had once again decided to screw decency and trained the boys completely shirtless, showing off his broad shoulders and firm muscles and seriously, who was he trying to impress here at this point?!

#08 Fever
Tanjirou was convinced he caught the summer flu because why else would he always feel hot around Rengoku-san?

#09 Nap
He had only meant to rest his eyes for a couple of seconds, but when Rengoku opened them again the sun had already set and a checkered haori was wrapped around him, keeping him warm and protected against the brisk spring breeze.

#10 Offense
“No offense”, Zenitsu took a deep breath because honestly full offense you oblivious idiot! , “But you are crushing on Rengoku-san so hard, the people at the Butterfly Estate have a betting pool going on about you two.”

#11 Courtship
“You do realize he’s been courting you this whole time, right??” When Zenitsu’s question was met with disbelief and confusion – there is no way Rengoku-san feels the same, s-shut up Zenitsu – the blond boy was ready to smack his head against the wall repeatedly.

#12 Ignorance
One could only envy Inosuke for being so blissfully unaware of the love birds right next to him.

#13 Count
“Hehe, Goto-san~! Long time…no…see…”, even on the verge of death, Tanjirou would always recognize the Kakushi who picked him up more times than he could count.

#14 Restraint
“Don’t hehe me, you dimwit!” It took the Kakushi all of his self-restraint not to smack the injured boy silly.

#15 Difficult
“And don’t you dare fall into another coma! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to deal with the Flame Hashira when you’re dead to the world?!”

#16 Messenger
The Kakushi, two young girls not yet 16 summers old, shuddered in fear as they relayed their message to the Flame Hashira.

#17 Determination
“P-Please wait, Rengoku-sa—!” The Flame Hashira pushed past the distressed Kakushi and several other staff members of the Butterfly Estate; he won’t let anybody get in his way to see his boy.

#18 First
Their first kiss was shared in the middle of a heated argument, both sides too stubborn and stupidly self-sacrificing to protect the other from any harm to come, which was quite the challenge considering their occupation.

#19 Conversation
“Senjurou, there is something we need to tell you.” – “Oh, are you and Tanjirou-san finally getting married?”

#20 Speechless
Kyoujurou spluttered and was – while looking into the bright and innocent eyes of his little brother – for once in his life utterly speechless. 

#21 Laughter
Once the initial rush of embarrassment was gone, Tanjirou’s mind found the situation so incredibly amusing, the young boy laughed and laughed and laughed so hard his belly started to hurt.

#22 Confession
It was an accident (really) and maybe there also had been too much sake involved thanks to a certain Sound Hashira, which prompted an intoxicated Tanjirou to proclaim his undying love and devotion for Rengoku – slurred, but still at full volume – for all the (former) Hashira to hear.

#23 Intention
Tanjirou choked on his tea when a solemn Shinjurou asked him out of the blue what his intentions with his oldest son were. 

#24 Overwhelming
“Kyou—Kyoujurou-san” the boy whimpered, limbs shaking, feeling so much, too much, yet still not enough of Kyoujurou, Kyoujurou, Kyoujurou

#25 Praise
“Shhh.” He dropped a kiss on the temple of his lover. “You take me so well, my boy.” Another kiss. “You are so good to me, my precious Tanjirou.”

#26 Prayer
His name sounded like a prayer on the boy’s lips. 

#27 Blush
“Aniue”, Senjurou announced himself at the same time he opened the sliding door, and whatever he wished to say next got caught up in a yelp, face flushing brighter than the sun just as two figures fumbled to cover themselves up.

#28 Innocence 
“Don’t you two have any shame?!!” Shinjurou’s voice boomed through the Rengoku Estate as he covered Senjurou’s eyes in a fleeting attempt to preserve whatever little innocence the poor child had left.

#29 Kill
Tanjirou was convinced if looks could kill, he would be six feet under by now.

#30 Wear
What started as something small – just to tease the boy, really – would soon fill him with a sense of pride and possession whenever Tanjirou wore his signature flame haori. 

#31 Key
He had always known the key to Rengoku’s heart was through his stomach, Tanjirou just didn’t anticipate the sheer amount of food it would require. 

#32 Reminder
His father made sure they would never be able to live down ‘the incident’.

#33 Habit
Sometimes, when his father had one drink too many and words didn’t reach him anymore, Tanjirou wouldn’t shy away and headbutted some sense into the old man.

#34 Sweet
Whenever he was around Kyoujurou, he didn’t smell the ashen and musky scent one would expect of the former Flame Hashira, but rather the faint aroma of sweet potatoes.

#35 Sunrise
“Good morning, Kyoujurou-san.” Each day the sun greeted him with a smile.

#36 Resolve 
The last remaining bottles of sake were disregarded, buried deep where regret and long-forgotten memories rest.

#37 Paradise
Turned out two former Demon Slayer Corps members could in fact build their own little paradise on earth, be it a small patch in the backyard where they grew a handful of strawberries together with a couple of herbs. 

#38 Union
“I guess I should start calling you Aniue now as well, Tanjirou-san?” 

#39 Pet
“What is this??” Shinjurou inquired, disgust and outrage written all over his face when two kittens snuggled at his feet affectionately.

#40 Old
I’m too old for this, Shinjurou thought and decided if his sons were that keen on keeping these pests, then it would be their responsibility to care for them. 

#41 Fight
It was rather unusual for the couple to get into an argument, but in the event of such a rare occasion, even one Rengoku Shinjurou knew better than to speak up and kept a sufficient distance to not get involved.

#42 Home
Kissing Kyoujurou will always feel like coming home.

#43 Evening
As the days grew not only shorter but also colder, the oldest Rengoku sibling found his father fast asleep with two (now big and fully grown) cats resting in his arms.

#44 Festival
The fireworks show truly was the highlight of any festival, however, its beauty wasn’t able to capture the attention of two figures who found something way more enjoyable to do.

#45 Worry
When Tanjirou’s coughs grew worse to the point they drew blood, Kyoujurou’s mind was consumed by a dreadful suspicion.

#46 Unfortunate
“I’m so sorry Rengoku-san, but…” Kochou hung her head, hiding the upcoming tears and silently cursing her inability to help Kyoujurou’s beloved. 

#47 Reincarnation
“I promise I will find you, no matter how many times we will be reborn and how far and wide I have to look, I will always come for you.”

#48 Pull
For as long as Tanjirou can remember, he has always felt a pull in his chest and now, standing in front of his new high school, the feeling is stronger than ever.

#49 List
It only takes one glance at the roster of new students for Kyoujurou’s world to be turned upside down.

#50 Voice
“Ka-Kamado boy!” Someone calls him, a voice he has never heard before in this lifetime, yet his soul yearns for the man with the golden mane. 

“I’m home, Kyoujurou-san.”

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