[Kimetsu no Yaiba] 秘密の場所

Title: 秘密の場所
Fandom: Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Slayer
Pairing: Rengoku Kyoujuro / Kamado Tanjirou
Words: 150
Completed: 2023/04/22
Summary: 「秘密の場所」(Himitsu no Basho)
A secret place, just for us.
Links: AO3 & FF.net

> Take the S-Line to N●●● City
> From there walk five blocks until you reach S●●● Store.
> I’ll be waiting.

Tanjirou’s heart drums in his chest as the loudspeaker announces his destination. With trembling hands, he grabs for his hood and pulls it further over his face.

It’s alright. 
Nobody knows you.

He trails after the crowd to find the exit and walks down the street, repeating the directions in his head until a car honks and headlights blink for his attention. A black car, probably foreign. It suits him, he thinks.

The passenger door opens and Tanjirou follows the invitation. He takes in the familiar scent of burnt wood and for the first time in a long while breathes out a sigh of relief.

“Welcome back, my boy.” 

“Ah.” Tanjirou nods and closes his eyes. A hand runs through his hair and he leans into the touch.

“I’m home, Rengoku-san.”

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