[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid] never have a dull moment

Titel: never have a dull moment
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Pairing: Houjou Emu / Kujou Kiriya
Words: 712
Completed: 2019/02/25

Kiriya had learnt quite a handful about Emu since the two of them lived together, including that Emu was anything but an early riser and would sleep in as long as circumstances allowed him to. Surprisingly, Kiriya learnt about himself as well, that he didn’t mind at all.

It was still early in the morning and the first rays of sunshine found its way into their bedroom. Kiriya was already wide awake, eyes lingering on his lover while he reflected on their previous night. The coroner would never admit it to anyone, but watching Emu in his sleep turned into one of his favourite past time activities. He felt oddly at peace and was able to forget all the shit that had happened to them up until now.

Yeah, he was definitely never going to say this out loud.

Times might be less hectic than they were a few months ago, but things were still far from peaceful and the shrill ringing of the emergency call was a cruel reminder of this reality.


Curious, Kiriya observed Emu and mused if the noise of the incoming call was enough to wake the sleepyhead up or not. It had happened more than once that the former intern would sleep through the noise, which – Kiriya had to admit – was in itself a talent of its own.

“…what is it?” Guess this time Emu actually managed to wake up.

“Emergency call. Time for you to wake up. You’re needed, Ace.”

Emu mumbled some words Kiriya didn’t catch but nonetheless managed to get up without further delay, although at a slow pace. One can say whatever they wanted about the clumsy scatterbrain, but at the end of the day, his responsibility as a doctor motivated Emu to push his limits even further. Just one of the many things Kiriya admired about his partner.

Emu’s mind was still groggy, but he tried his best and searched for his clothes, which were scattered all across the floor. While he was able to find his pants rather quickly, his t-shirt and white coat were nowhere to be seen and instead Kiriya’s flower-patterned shirt ended up in Emu’s hands. The young doctor groaned in annoyance. Kiriya mused if he should feign to be offended, but decided to let it go this time. He had another ace up his sleeve anyway: “Hey, Emu.”


“You better cover these up while you’re at it.” Kiriya pointed at his neck, signalling the little marks left behind from their night together. The coroner could practically see the wheels turning in Emu’s head while he processed the information giving to him. When the realisation hit the younger man, his face turned an unnatural shade of red and he tried to hide the countless marks with is hand.


Kiriya felt anything but remorse and his laughter filled the bedroom. Oh, how could he ever grow tired of Emu’s honest and pure reactions? However, he seemed to forget that two could play this game and Emu was not someone who would admit defeat that easily.

“You too, Kiriya-san.”

“Huh?” Stunned Kiriya looked up and was greeted by a soft but provocative grin. Emu mimicked his lover and he too pointed out the quite visible love marks on the older man’s neck.

“Maybe you should cover them up, too. While you’re at it, that is.”

Kiriya had lost his chance to respond as Emu’s attention was drawn to the hallway where Emu finally found his missing clothes. A chuckle escaped Kiriya and he shook his head in amusement. Ah, you really had to give it to him: there was never a dull moment with Emu around.


“C’mon Emu, I’ll give you a ride.”

“Thank you, Kiri—!!” Flustered, Emu stopped midsentence. Kiriya was wearing his usual getup: comfortable but partly ripped jeans, a brand new shirt with yet another ridiculous flower pattern and – of course – his leather jacket, which rested on Kiriya’s shoulders. All in all nothing out of the ordinary, wouldn’t it have been for those little, garish red love marks covering the man’s neck.

“Kiriya-san, I told you to cover them up!?”

“Who cares, it’s not like they don’t know what we’re up to in private.”


Yep, never a dull moment indeed.

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