[Flowerfell] “I’m smiling, right… Sweetheart?”


I’m smiling, right… Sweetheart?
Flowerfell (Undertale AU)

One more time for the feels aka welcome aboard the paintrain.

You know the sudden hit of inspiration while you stand under the shower? Where – traditionally – no pen/papers or computers are nearby? You and me, both. That’s why I hastily drew this hideous sketch when I jumped out of the shower (hey I know what’s what).

At first I was really motivated because it was my chance to practice facial expressions (heaven knows I need it) but something kept rubbing me the wrong way when I looked at the rough/almost final sketch. So yeah another embarrassing story: I actually asked my co-worker(s) to hold my hand like this because I just couldn’t get them right and I needed a reference. I am pretty much obliged to show them the final piece now… orz

(also self: no . more . skeleton . hands . in . my . damn . life)

Something is still bugging me about this fanart, but I can’t put my finger around it. It’s the best I can do for now I’m sorry

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