[EverdayTale] “Bad Influence”

Titel: Bad Influence
Fandom: Undertale [EverdayTale AU]
Characters: Papyrus, Frisk, Sans
Word count: 260
Finished: 30th October 2017

And here’s the first upload for my small Undertale AU project! Because I can write drabbles only… and short oneshots orz
However I wanted to give this a try because my head is suddenly filled with oh so many ideas which actually work better as comics but welp take a guess who’s got no talent at all.
At first I wanted to include the different fonts here too, but I somehow can’t manage to get them to work, so…. here’s a PDF download. Because you want it, for the fonts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) srsly, read the PDF version pls
Edit: Aaaand I somehow got the fonts to work without trying to. Hoorayz for me \o/

It is one of my headcanons that Frisk not only laughs every time whenever Sans cracks a joke/pun, but also wants to learn them too. Guess it isn’t far-fetched for them to team up against poor Papyrus every once in a while :>

“AH, HUMAN! IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU.” Papyrus entered the living room of his and Sans’ house. Frisk sat in front of the TV, lazily skipping through the channels. “SAY, HAVE YOU SEEN MY BROTHER?”
“Not yet, why Pap?” Frisk’s eyes lit up. It was finally time to put her lessons into practice!
“AH, YOU SEE—” Papyrus stopped himself. He saw the human’s eyes – her determination – and felt immediate regret.
“Do you… have a bone to pick with Sans?”
“Oh, throw me a bone here, Pap. That was actually quite funny, right?”
“No? Guess they belong to the skelebin after all…”
“Sans is right, you really have a tendoncy to get angry.”
Unidentified noises where heard from Papyrus. Oh that poor skeleton, Frisk really got him!
“oh c’mon bro.” Sans teleported himself right beside his brother. “ya have to admit the kid’s pretty humerus, ain’t i right?”
“what can i say, brother? i’m just–” -wink- “–sansational!”
“whelp, guess we’re boned now, kiddo.” Sans shrugged and smirked towards his accomplice. Frisk immediately took the hint and followed with her own counter: “Papyrus, maybe we should…. leave you abone?”
True to his brother’s command Sans grabbed Frisk’s hand and seconds later both of them were gone. Sans teleported them just a few meters away from his home. Needless to say, laughter filled the chilly autumn air.
“grillby’s?” Sans suggested between chuckles.

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